Those who’ve never been camping often ask the same question; “What is there to do when you’re camping?” If you’re one of those people, why not start with this list of ideas and start planning your camping holiday now!

Enjoy nature
Take a walk or simply sit somewhere quiet and appreciate the landscape around you. Watch the stars at night and the clouds by day, and relax! With many campsites in beautiful spots around the country – and indeed, the world – you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Tell stories & sing songs around the fire
It’s a great tradition to tell scary stories around the campfire at night, and if you’re musically inclined, you can take along a guitar or a harmonica and set up a sing-song. Just make sure that you build your campfire safely, preferably in a proper firepit, and don’t start singing loudly when neighbouring campers are trying to sleep.

Go geocaching
Geocaching is essentially a treasure hunt with modern technology; search for caches near your campsite, then use the GPS on your smartphone to track them down and sign the logbook to prove you were there. Some caches include little token items to trade – make sure that you leave something if you take anything.

Enjoy outdoor activities
Pack a kayak or raft to enjoy some watersports or a couple of bikes to get out and about the local area – the Opus Camper has a versatile racking system, with optional bike and kayak carriers available.

Set up a photo scavenger hunt
If you’re travelling with kids, a scavenger hunt is a great way to keep them entertained. You simply set up a list of things for them to find – leaves bigger than their hands, heart shaped stones, flowers of a particular colour, etc. – and let them go! A photo hunt, where instead of collecting the listed items they just take photos of them, means that nothing in the environment is damaged in the process.

Enjoy indoor activities
There is always a chance that the weather will turn against you; look for local museums or other indoor attractions for rainy days, and pack a few things to do inside the comfort of your tent as well. A camping holiday is a great chance to finish that book you’ve been meaning to read, or you can bring craft supplies to keep your kids busy.

These are, of course, just a few of the things you can enjoy on a camping holiday, anywhere in the world. With a trailer tent from Opus Camper, you’ll find it really easy to set off on an adventure whenever you want to – and you’ll always be able to find something new to see and do!